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Advance warning

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I really hope this says ‘Coming Soon… Kaiju’s’


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I need the new Apple watch like I need more than just my phone to play with while having dinner with friends.

Rob Lowes’ still got it

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In a long running series of ads for Direct TV, Rob Lowe has been playing the goofus and gallant versions of cable customers. ‘Peaked in High School Rob Lowe’, ‘Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe’, ‘Meathead Robe Lowe’ each played with appropriate makeup and outfits.

These have generally been humorous mainly because you can see the fun Rob Lowe is having playing these stereotypical characters. The latest, Total Deadbeat Rob Lowe, had a jig that made me laugh out loud.


Fact: This guy just turned 51 years old today.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 12.40.59 AM

Datamosh experiment

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Datamoshing might be antique technique that everyone and their grandmothers tried 5 years ago but I had not. Some constraints included decent editing software, decent hardware to run the editing software and most importantly, knowledge. Turns out the trick isn’t figuring out the process (which is convoluted but manageable) but putting together clips that produce aesthetic results. Here’s the first attempt that doesn’t look like absolute garbage.

Calculator Internals

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These two photos by Kevin Twomey would make great prints (via Colossal)



VR apps with Google Cardboard

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2 apps for Google Cardboard were released this week almost 5 months after the announcement at Google I/O 2014. Both were viewed on a Nexus 5.

Jaunt VR filmed Paul McCartney with their custom 360 degree camera during a set at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. It puts the viewer in a unique position of being up-close to the singer and also seeing the concert from the artists perspective.




There’s a surreal feeling when watching the massive crowds from the stage, it gives a very small taste of what the experience is like to go up in front of thousands of screaming fans. The issue of scene changes however is going to be a challenging one to overcome if this editing technique is used for non-linear storytelling. The cut from one position to another is softened by fades which would be fine for traditional viewing but is very noticeable in VR since the user goes from being able to having control to look all around from one location and then suddenly being ‘picked up’ and moved to another point on the stage. The video quality could have been better but that would inflate the app size and is always going to be limited by the phone resolution.

Volvo’s demo, Volvo Reality, can be viewed with or without Cardboard and is available for both Android and iOS. They use a combination of a CG rendering for the car interiors and blend real video for the scenery to re-create a short drive down a picturesque Vancouver highway. This may have been because of the phone screen but the resolution on the outside views is quite low to a point where it was hard to tell if this was actual video or a rendering.



The user is sitting in the drivers seat while the car is driving itself. Realistic steering wheel movements and vehicle shake based on terrain but the driver is only able to look out the windows and enjoy the view. The behind the scenes video goes into the filming of the scenes along with the smiling faces of people demo’ing the app.

Volvo North America EVP :

Its simple and playful and grown ups should be allowed to play a little.

Get ready for a whole wave of entertaining ideas in this space.

Divvy design process

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Chicago branding company Firebelly Design describes their workflow for developing the name and design for Divvy, the local bike share program. A lot of work goes into a public facing identity thats going to be a part of the city landscape.



Preliminary designs.

Once the bicycle-share program would be in operation across the city, the Divvy brand would appear on top of thousands of bicycles and tens of thousands of items in the context of cycling. We felt it was important not to be redundant with our brand.

The double line font from the second photo is my favorite. Names did start in the punny region of the “Da Bike”, “Cycle Jordan” and “Bike Ditka” but quickly moved to more appropriate variations. Its interesting to see how the idea was moved forward each time after stakeholder conversations over the course of the project.

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